Free instant messaging in which the oter party needs no application!

SponTalk is a FREE, revolutionary, instant messaging system that offers two main services:

1. Free instant web chat sessions that requires no application.
2. Free instant messaging application for mobile in which the other party needs no application!

SponTalk also offers multi-party chat sessions with an unlimited number of participants,
and Chat-Migration feature which enables SponTalk's users to migrate their chat from their
mobile phone to their desktop, tablets, another mobile, etc - and vice versa.

The limitation of sending FREE messages only to friends that has the same app as you do - is gone!

Cross-Platform service!

SponTalk is a cross-platform service that works on almost any device
Which has Internet browsing capabilities,
Including: PCs, MACs, Tablets, Smart-Phones and even Simple-Phone.
No matter what devices your friends are using, most chances are that
SponTalk can chat with them (and again, they don't need to have SponTalk!)

Unlimited number of participants!

SponTalk also supports multi-party chats,
Which means that you can chat with more than one participant in your chat.
Even more than 2.
or 3, or 4, or .. a participant for every character in this web page
since the number of participants in a SponTalk chat is unlimited!

Chat Migration!

Wowww....Where do I start?
Chat migration is amazing. it lets you have the chat where ever you want,
and not only where it was received.
With chat migration you can migrate your chat from your mobile phone to your PC or MAC
and vice-versa.
You decide where you want to have your chats!
Chat migration allows you to enjoy the power of mobility with the comfort of your computer's keyboard.

How does it work?

Very simple actually,
SponTalk has a special web application that enables
To use SponTalk with almost any device that has Internet browsing capabilities.
When you invite a friend for a chat, SponTalk makes your phone
Send a single, regular SMS to your friend. that SMS contains a link to SponTalk's web application.
So if your friends don't have SponTalk, they can use their Internet browser
To send and receive FREE messages from you using the web-application.
Now, Since almost everyone has Internet browsers,
The limitation of sending FREE messages only to friends that has the same app as you do - is gone!


SponTalk does not require any registration.
it also does not require any personal information such as your email address, etc.

Because of that, SponTalk actually "knows" nothing about you, and thats the safest way possible.
Moreover, in ANY TIME SponTalk DOES NOT SEND private information from your phone,
including contacts details (as some of the instant messaging applications do send),
email address or anything else to its servers or to anyone else. EVER.

SponTalk respects your privacy and does not send any of
your private or personal information to it's servers or to anyone else.
The service has a useful feature of attaching your location information to your messages
(so your friends can see where you are using a link to Google Map).
you can disable or enable this feature easily, any time.